The Floccus browser extension ("Floccus") provides browser bookmarks synchronization functionality (“Functionality”) that works with privately controlled or otherwise accessible servers ("Third-party services") to store your bookmarks for synchronization. Your bookmarks are as secure as the Third-party Services you choose to store them on.

Information you provide

Account Information. You provide usernames and credentials to Third-party Services for all accounts you create.

Bookmarks. All bookmarks that are stored in your browser are accessible to Floccus in order to provide the Functionality. Any third-party services you choose to store your bookmarks on will have access to your bookmarks.

Information floccus collects

Debug log. Floccus creates a debug log of all its actions, which is only accessible to you and may be shared by you at your sole discretion with the authors in order to aid in debugging.

Information shared with others

Neither the authors of Floccus nor the publisher receive any of the data you provide to Floccus. The authors cannot make any assurances about how the Third-party services you choose to store your bookmarks on will handle the data you provide.


Please also read the License which also governs the use of floccus as well as liability of its authors.

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Effective as of Sep 28, 2018